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Waaay behind!
November 26, 2008, 5:27 pm
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Ok so its the 4th week & i’m still having trouble getting around my blog! I’ve had a quick look at mashup applications and quite like flickr fields & the one where you can search by drawing. Don’t really see any practical use for me though. I may find some use for the 3rd party applications in the future & i’ll know where to go when that happens.

RRS is meant to be simple huh! Maybe i’m the one person on the planet who thinks we are already over burdened with useless info that we don’t need. Its like carrying excess baggage around all the time. So I didn’t set up any accounts with Bloglines or google reader. Instead I subscribed to a couple of feeeds that are sent straight to my desktop at home, which is very very simple to do.

Thats summed up a couple of weeks! Excellent!